Vibram Five Fingers

Barefoot running or running in minimalist shoes, such as the Vibram Five Fingers models, can assist in improving posture and making your feet stronger and more flexible.

Traditional running shoes were first designed approximately a century ago. Researchers have since discovered that the hard and stiff soles which were originally designed to reduce the prevalence of injuries have ironically increased prevalence of running related injuries. The hard and stiff soles have resulted in making the feet less flexible and weakening such muscles as the Achilles tendon and calf.

Vibram Five Fingers shoes have been designed under the notion that our own feet make for the best shoes. Vibram shoes allow your toes and feet to move freely and naturally resulting in a more natural running experience which is less dangerous to your body. Research has demonstrated that barefoot runners will hit the ground with lower impact force and loading rates to avoid the discomfort associated with striking the ground heel-first which is common in runners wearing cushioned shoes.

The Vibram Five Fingers are the next best thing to running barefoot while still protecting your feet from hazards. The toe-shoe design allows you to experience the foot control and stability which can be usually only be experienced while running barefoot. The toe-shoe design, exoskeleton design and barefoot feel led Time Magazine to name the Vibram Five Fingers shoes one of the best inventions of 2007.

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