Summer Running Essentials

Author: Wildfire Sports & Trek  Date Posted: 21 February 2024

Exercising when the sun is shining and there isn’t a cloud in the sky can be paradise! We’re well placed in Queensland to have more paradise days than not, but it does mean that we need to take extra care during summer.

A beautiful day in Brisbane City

First things first, let’s take a look at the timeless advice of Sid the Seagull.

Sid the Seagull
Cancer Council Australia

Slip on a shirt! Make sure you have a shirt that is Goldilocks (juuuuust right), which can wick sweat away from your body and be light enough that you don’t overheat, but also protects you from the hot sun. Long sleeves are a good option for greater coverage, whether you prefer them loose to increase the chance of a breeze, or tight so it feels like a second skin.
Take a look at our range to find the best fit for you!

Runners in the sun
Slop on some sunscreen! Sunscreen is a great protection against the UV, it’s easy to apply and protect areas that we often forget about (looking at you, ears and back-of-the-neck!). We recommend a sport specific SPF50 sunscreen to ensure protection even as you get sweaty. 

Slap on a hat! Keep the sun off your face and the sweat out of your eyes when running. While visors allow more of a breeze on your head, they offer less protection than a cap or legionnaires hat, both of which we highly recommend. If you sweat a lot when exercising, our hot tip is the Halo Sport Hat with their patented SweatSeal to divert sweat away from your face. 

Seek shade! Running in the early morning or evening is cooler and lowers UV exposure. We have some great tips for running at dawn/dusk and staying safe here.

Slide on some sunnies! Beat the glare with a stylish pair of sunglasses. Sport-specific sunglasses like Goodr and Knockaround are designed to fit snugly and not bounce around while you run, a necessity for summer exercise.

Other Summer Running Essentials include:

  • Your favourite pair of shoes or the racer version (if applicable) as these can provide more ventilation for your feet in a more open knit material or lighter weight. 
  • Lightweight socks are helpful in stopping your feet from overheating but still provide the cushioning where you need it.
  • Elastic laces can allow your foot to expand as it heats up and not become uncomfortable from being in too tight a shoe. 
  • Bone conduction headphones allow you to listen to your go-to workout playlist or podcast but still hear what’s happening around you and stay safe. 
  • Forget carrying a bottle in your hand and go straight to the hydration vest, or keep your back breezy and opt for a waistpack. Alternate between regular water in a reservoir and electrolytes in soft flasks and carry your phone, keys and snacks in the same place without having items bounce out of your pockets. Read more about summer hydration.

ALWAYS, always stay hydrated, take breaks when it’s hot and try to have your workout done in the morning before it gets too hot. Take time to cool down, listen to your body and check the forecast before committing to high-intensity days. 

Now get out there and enjoy your summer!