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SaltStick is an electrolyte replacement company founded by Jonathan Toker, an elite triathlete with a Ph.D. in organic chemistry and 5 years’ experience in the biotech industry. SaltStick engineers the only electrolyte capsule formulated to closely resemble the electrolytic profile lost in sweat during exercise.

SaltStick Capsules are now the accepted standard for electrolyte replacement. SaltStick products have helped athletes win events all around the world, including the Ironman World Championship in Hawaii, the XTerra World Championship, and the 70.3 World Championships.

Wildfire Sports & Trek currently stocks a range of SaltStick capsules, chews and dispensers.

SaltStick Electrolyte Salts 30 Capsule Bottle
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SaltStick FASTCHEWS 60 Tablet Bottle

SaltStick FASTCHEWS 60 Tablet Bottle


RRP $34.95 SAVE 5%

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SaltStick Mini 3 Capsule Dispenser

SaltStick Mini 3 Capsule Dispenser


RRP $39.95 SAVE 5%

SaltStick FASTCHEWS 10 Tablet Packet

SaltStick FASTCHEWS 10 Tablet Packet


RRP $5.95 SAVE 5%

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SaltStick FASTCHEWS 10 Tablet Packet Box of 12
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Date Posted: 12 June 2018

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SaltStick Capsules are designed for use throughout exercise to help minimise muscle cramping, heat stress, and fatigue that can occur as a result of unbalanced electrolyte levels. SaltStick Capsules were developed as a study of scientific literature on electrolyte loss in sweat, highly bioavailable ingredients and field testing. They were thus formulated to closely resemble the salt profile and sweat electrolyte composition of athletes which is lost in sweat during physical act Read more....

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