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Polar is a heart rate monitor and sports watch company founded in Oulu, Finland: a region renowned for technological research and surrounded by challenging environments, the perfect setting to test Polar’s pioneering products. Polar launched the first ever wireless, wearable heart rate monitor, changing forever the way that athletes trained. Polar remains a world leader in sports heart rate monitor technology thanks to a clever combination of sports, physiology and electronics expertise, coupled with a healthy appreciation and understanding of individual needs. Wildfire Sports is an Authorised Polar Dealer, and we offer full Australian warranties on Polar products.

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Date Posted: 15 December 2018

Three Wildfire staff members were lucky enough to receive sports watches from the brand-new Polar Vantage series. Released November 2018, the Vantage M and its elite older brother the Vantage V have proved to be showstoppers. Read more....

Date Posted: 12 June 2018

Whether you’re already an experienced runner or you’re planning to start running regularly, the right gear can make a huge difference to your enjoyment. This list will get beginners on the right track and help veterans complete their kits. Read more....