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Newton Running Shoes are designed to promote the discovery of your best running form. All Newton models offer the benefits of forefoot cushioning of Newton's patented Action/Reaction technology. With the assistance of Newton Running Shoes, running should feel easier and your feet will feel at one with the ground. The end result of Newton technology is efficient, intuitive and relaxed running. Newton Running shoes will promote a change in running form. Your feet will sense the ground faster and the shoes are designed to strike the ground under the forefoot which will get you on and off the ground quicker. This should decrease impact and result in greater forward propulsion.

Newton has developed both a Stability and Neutral model in their running shoes. The Stability model offers protection from mid to late stage pronation which is the tendency for your foot to collapse inwards when striking or leaving the ground. The neutral model has been designed for normal to high-arched foot types. For more information on the correct Newton Model for you, please see What Is The Correct Newton Shoe For My Foot?

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Date Posted: 12 June 2018

Whether you’re already an experienced runner or you’re planning to start running regularly, the right gear can make a huge difference to your enjoyment. This list will get beginners on the right track and help veterans complete their kits. RUNNING SHOES Good fitting running shoes will be the most important thing you will need as a runner. To ensure comfort and minimise injuries, you’ll need a shoe specifically designed for ru Read more....

Newton Running Shoes have been engineered to inspire you to run stronger and better every time you put the shoes on. The shoes are designed to make your feet feel at one with the ground and the highly responsive cushioning protects your feet with each step. All Newton models offer the benefits of forefoot cushioning of Newton’s patented Action/Reaction technology. The technology which has gone into creating Newton Running shoes is based upon Sir Isaac Newton’s third law o Read more....

STABILITY OR NEUTRAL? First, identify your foot type. Stand in front of a mirror with bare feet shoulder-width apart and bend your knees, keeping your heels on the ground. Watch the bones on the inside of your ankle as you bend and straighten your knees. - If the bones move inward more than 1/3 inch, you likely pronate during your Read more....

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