Kokoda 2016 Challenge Checklist

Author: Globetrekker  Date Posted: 8 July 2016

All hikers competing in the Kokoda Challenge will need to check off a compulsory equipment checklist. We've compiled a comprehensive gear list for you to make sure you're prepared.

From the 16th-17th of July hundreds of hikers will complete the toughest team endurance event in Australia, the 96km and 48km Kokoda Challenges. The tracks run through the stunning Gold Coast Hinterlands along fire trails, 12 creek crossings and climb summits of 5000m with a time limit of 39 hours. Each participant has raised money for the Kokoda Youth Foundation, which provides life-changing experiences for young Australians. The Kokoda track teaches discipline, structure and boundaries, incorporating Kokoda values into participants' lives. 

All hikers competing will need to check off a compulsory equipment checklist. Each item is required to help you complete your endurance challenge as well as cope with the weather conditions. We have listed the mandatory items below:





These items are strongly recommended that you carry with you just in case:

We hope your training is going well and you can perform at your best during this life-changing endurance event!