Best Nutrition to use for a High Performance Race

Date Posted: 4 November 2019

To ensure you are performing at an optimal level when it really counts, we have created the following list of products that we not only recommend but have also personally tested!

Whether you’re training, racing, or recovering, correct nutrition is a crucial component and one which is often overlooked by even the most experienced of athletes. Regardless of how long you are training for or how hard you are training, without replacing the key vitamins and nutrients lost during exercise, you are not only slowing down your progress - but you may be moving backwards.

Prior to the Race

Pure Endurance Powder

In addition to your usual pre-exercise meal, the following supplements will help prepare your body for the strenuous exertion you are about to put it through. Containing a healthy mix of Nitrates, Electrolytes, Amino Acids and Magnesium, these products will prove beneficial before you even tie up your shoes. It is a common misconception that these nutrients are not necessary until 45 minutes to one hour into an exercise or event. However, a majority of injuries come within the first 2-5 minutes of a workout or event, as athletes often neglect preparing their body for this first crucial period of the race.

During the Race

The nutrients you consume during high performance exercise or events can be the difference between achieving your target or falling short. Put simply, your body is fuelled by Carbohydrates, Electrolytes, Sodium and healthy Fats during a race. Typically the body stores enough of these nutrients to perform for 60-90 minutes, but it is important to keep in mind that time must be given for additional nutrients to be absorbed by the body. To maintain optimal performance, we suggest any of the following products which will deliver an appropriate concentration of the essential nutrients when consumed every 45-60 minutes of exercise.

Recommended Solid Energy Sources:Clif Bar

Recommended Liquid Energy Sources:

Post Race

The hard yards have been done and you are happy with your result. In order to reap the benefits of your efforts, your fatigued body requires a concentration of Carbohydrates, BCAA’S​ and Whey Protein. These nutrients will replenish your bodies glycogen stores, repair and build the muscle fibres damaged during exercise. Any of the following products, when consumed within the 30 minute window immediately following your exercise, will maximise your bodies potential to retain the physical gains made during your workout.


Happy Running!