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Date Posted: 1 January 2014

Dual Eyewear products are designed to enhance your outdoors experience. The sunglasses are designed to perfectly complement your active lifestyle by improving your ability to view hard to read electronic devices.

Electronic devices are ever present these days in fitness and recreation. GPS monitors are used for tracking speed and distance, heart rate monitors Read more....

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Starting with one product in 1987 (Endura Rehydration), Endura has grown to become one of the most respected and sought after sports nutrition brands. Endura features great tasting products specifically designed to help athletes reach their personal best every time.

Endura Sports Nutrition products combine innovative scientific and clinical research with the highest quality ingredients and world leading quality control standards and testing. All products are devoped using super Read more....

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SaltStick Capsules are designed for use throughout exercise to help minimise muscle cramping, heat stress and fatigue that can occur as a result of unbalanced electrolyte levels.

SaltStick Capsules were developed as a study of scientific literature on electrolyte loss in sweat, highly bioavailable ingredients and field testing. They were thus formulated to closely resemble the salt profile of athletes which is lost during physical activity. SaltStick Electrolyte Capsules have b Read more....

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Nuun is a leading player in the hydration market. Nuun Hydration Tablets help to keep you feeling optimally hydrated wherever your lifestyle takes you. They offer a lightweight, easy to use alternative to the hydration powders and diluted sports drinks which are prominent on the market. Nuun was founded by a group of competitive athletes from a variety of sporting backgrounds including cycling, skiing a Read more....

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Stay on top of your game for longer with GU Energy Gel! GU provides high-quality, long-lasting energy for athletes of all sports both in training and in competition.

The performance enhancing energy gel is optimised for athletes competing in distance competitions to have GU on the go meaning there is no need to slow down throughout your events! Click here to check out the products on our online store.

Read more....

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