REVIEW: Aftershokz Bone Conduction Headphones

Date Posted: 11 August 2020

Aftershokz sports headphones use bone conduction technology to transmit quality sound through your cheekbones to your inner ear, keeping your ears free for situational awareness like traffic hazards or in-person conversations. Read our reviews!

Bone conduction technology was initially developed for military special operations and law enforcement, but since its inception in 2011 Aftershokz has transformed the tech into sports headphones. Wildfire staff who own a pair of Aftershokz have written out their opinions. Which model will you get?

I love to run in the street. It has a particular something a treadmill just doesn’t totally give me. But from time to time, I go so deep in my running that I focus entirely on the road…and on my music. As runners, we know we are trading a little bit of safety by jogging outside, and that is why I decided to try the Aftershokz Mini Aeropex. My first impression came from the weight: light, and I mean LIGHT. When you want to run a couple of miles, not having a huge weight over your ears is great. Second, the sound, very crisp and clear. I’m no musician, but the bass sounds wonderful, and the best thing is I can focus on hitting that road as hard as ever, but being aware of everything around me, something very beneficial during outdoor runs. And obviously, this is where the Aftershokz shine the most, with the Bone Conduction Technology that keeps my ears free to run for miles while I can keep maximum situational awareness. Finally, they have a ton of neat little perks that makes them even more awesome, like the Bluetooth 5.0 that runs smoothly (no sound breaking at all) or the voice prompts to answer a call. Aftershokz are also waterproof, with a moisture detection alert for safe charging and easy upkeep. And with all these remarkable traits, I found them reasonably priced: super affordable given the audio quality, how comfortable they are and how I’m no longer worried I’m not going to hear something and get hurt.

The first time I wore my Trekz Titanium headphones, I thought they must have been broken and the music was coming from my phone... I could hear music perfectly well but also hear everything around me as I cycled through traffic! It was such a strange sensation, but so cool! I've seen paragliding instructors in South Africa, cyclists in Canada, and runners here in Brisbane wearing them, and every one has said they love them! These also work well for listening to audiobooks and podcasts, and are a relatively affordable and good quality alternative to the other Aftershokz headphones.

This is the best thing I've ever bought from Wildfire. I wear them pretty much all day every day. I have major trouble with earphones / earbuds when running (they would always hurt or fall out), so these are a blessing for runs, hikes and walks. They don't slip, bounce or feel heavy - in fact, I rarely notice them. The sound quality is so much better than I expected, easily as good as previous sports headphones I've owned. Plus, I like being able to hear someone call me over at work so I'm not totally zoned out!

Hands down one of the most revolutionary pieces of equipment i have used. Anyone who is swimming and not using these needs to take a long hard look at themselves.

Absolutely LOVE these. I originally had the Aftershokz Titanium Trekz, and when they broke I was able to claim under the 2-year warranty which was awesome! I really liked the Trekz, but the next-generation Aeropex beats them hands down. The Aeropex are lighter, last longer (battery-life), sound better and even have a cool click-on style magnetic charging port (the Trekz had a flap).

Great open ear bone conduction design gives safety in so many sports where situation awareness is mandatory. They weigh so little that they don't even bounce. I love using them rock climbing knowing they won't move an inch.

These work as my all-terrain headphones. With very little movement once on, they are amazing for running. Since they don't block your ears, I can wear them out cycling or jogging without having to worry about missing out on anything around me. They're comfortable and lightweight, and I find I can wear them for a full day without any discomfort.