Multiday Sea Kayaking: Packing Tips & Tricks

Date Posted: 6 February 2018

Our adventurous employee Laura spent last week kayaking and hiking from Hervey Bay to the east side of K’Gari (Fraser) Island. Check out her packing tips and tricks for multiday sea kayaking!

Pre-Departure Prep

  • Get fit for the occasion! Ever sat down for hours at a time while using pretty much every muscle in your back? Didn’t think so. Go to the gym or get in that kayak.
  • Get into the habit of stretching – I promise, it’ll make a world of difference.
  • Learn correct paddling techniques!
  • HAVE A PLAN! Do you know the tide times while you’re on the water? The weather? Sunrise and sunset times? I’m sure you can figure out why these things are important to know.
  • This one is ever so slightly essential: learn how to self-rescue, even if you’re going with a group. You never know what can happen and it’s always best to be on the safe side.
  • Pre-pack your food to minimise waste. An empty peanut butter jar is a great way to store your rubbish. If you need more than this for a few days then you’ve got too much waste, my friend.
  • Always pack treats for after dinner. Going to bed a happy camper is ESSENTIAL.
  • You DO NOT need new clothes for every day you’re away. Ditch that extra shirt.

Handy Extras to Bring

  • A small tarp can be used for multiple situations: a groundsheet for cooking, stopping sand from getting all over your belongings, and for double wrapping belongings in the kayak. They’re really cheap from most hardware stores
  • Plenty of sunscreen.
  • Sunglasses to keep harmful rays away from your eyes – Goodr and Sunwise are great options too.
  • Different coloured dry bags will keep your belongings more organised. You don’t need to be rummaging through every bag to find that last Clif Bar. I recommend Aquapac or Sea To Summit dry bags.
  • Small separate dry bag for your phone if you’re taking it with you.
  • A Buff is great to have to cover your neck and face from the reflection of the water. You don’t want a sunburnt neck… trust me. There are plenty of styles to choose from, including Original Active or CoolNet for ultimate moisture management.
  • Bulk accessory carabiners to hang on to all your bits and pieces
  • Depending on your level of experience, gloves can be ‘handy’ as blisters are a common occurrence.

En Route Tips

  • Sunscreen the back of your hands and fingers. Super tanned fingers are not a good look.
  • Know where your emergency kit is and DO NOT change this location.
  • Have daily gear easily accessible: food for the day, lots of water, map and compass.

With that, all that’s left to say is enjoy yourself and get out on the water!

Tent setup with all my gearselfie from the kayak