Installing Wildfire Speed Laces

Date Posted: 2 May 2020

Speed laces are great for quick and easy lacing. This blog will guide you through installing the new Wildfire Speed Laces to get you on the road or trail faster.

Instructions are also printed on Wildfire Speed Laces packets for your convenience. OR, watch our tutorial video here!

1. Remove your existing shoelaces.
2. Lace your shoes with your new speed laces. There's no trick to this, just lace them however you're used to.
Put your feet into the shoes once laced and adjust so they are comfortable (no pinching and not too loose).
3. Push down on the button on the lock piece to open it, and feed both ends of the laces through your lock. The button should be on the top, closest to your ankle.
4. Cut the laces to size (approximately 10cm below lock). The extra 10cm between the lock and the lace ends allows you to loosen the laces to remove your shoes, so don't cut them too close.
5. Feed the end of laces through the clip as shown and close. This keeps the ends together and stops them from fraying. Make sure you catch about a cm of the lace ends in this clip (as pictured).

Congratulations - that's all it takes! Enjoy your new speed laces.

Push down on the button to tighten or loosen, then tuck the clip underneath your laces to keep it from moving while you run (pictured).