Fitting Your New Wetsuit At Home

Date Posted: 8 February 2020

There is an art to getting into a wetsuit correctly. The main thing to remember is to take your time!


Follow the below steps to ensure you are fitting your wetsuit properly and with ease.

  1. Unzip the wetsuit and fold in half, exposing the inside of the suit.
  2. Place a plastic bag over your foot to make it easier to get the suit on.
  3. Push your leg through carefully.
  4. Using gloves, gather the wetsuit leg up and smooth out any wrinkles using your fingertips (avoid fingernails).
  5. Place a plastic bag on the other foot and repeat steps 3 and 4.
  6. Slide the suit up towards the crotch and hips and ensure it’s positioned high up in the crotch and on both hips.
  7. Place the plastic bag over one hand.
  8. Slide that hand through the sleeve – the sleeve cuff should sit above the wrist bone.
  9. Carefully gather sleeve and position it on your shoulder and snugly into armpit.
  10. Repeat steps 8 to 10 for the other arm.
  11. Ensure the inner back flap behind the zip is sitting flat with no ripples.
  12. Hold the base of the zip and pull the zip lanyard up, closing the zip flap.
  13. Stretch and adjust the panels and neck seal accordingly.
  14. Lie down over a stool to check the fit and range of motion. Wetsuits are designed to fit best when your body is horizontal.
  15. Check the wetsuit’s length. The arms should be approximately in line with your wrist bone and the legs in line with your ankle bones. If the wetsuit is longer, you will need a shorter suit. If the wetsuit it is shorter, you will need a longer suit.
  16. Check wetsuit’s sizing. If there is a buckle in the back, you will need to order a smaller size. If you do not have a full range of movement, you will need a larger size.

Please note: State Health Regulations prohibit the return of swimwear and wetsuits altered or worn in any way other than tried on over underwear.

If your wetsuit is not the correct fit for you, we can offer a return or exchange, providing you contact us within 60 days of your order. Simply email us at with your order details and preferred outcome: exchange, store credit or refund. We will respond to your request within 2 business days with instructions for returning your wetsuit. The wetsuit must be returned in original, re-saleable condition with all packaging intact. If these conditions are not met, we will not be able to accept the return and the product will be returned to you at your cost.