Altra August

Author: Wildfire Sports & Trek  

This month we are celebrating a brand we've carried since the very beginnings of Wildfire, a giant of cushioned, zero drop running shoes: Altra!

Whether you've been with Altra since the Adam & Eve or you're just considering giving them a try, there's an Altra shoe for a wide variety of runners.

Road, Gym & Race

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What our staff have to say about them:

Torin Luxe "Love my Torin Luxe, a super comfy shoe for working on my feet, and transition smoothly to an afternoon run!" - Morgan, Marketing


Trail & Hike

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What our staff have to say about them:

Lone Peak

"These shoes deliver a soft, yet responsive ride; lightweight and aggressive enough for technically challenging tracks, as well as offering a good amount of support and cushioning for all day hikes." - Lindsey, Floor
"Lone Peak are my go to trail shoes: with their wide toe box, my toes actually have room to move. " - Jess D, Floor
"Light, flexible, durable, waterproof and an extra wide toe box are some of the excellent qualities of the Lone Peak boots. I have put over 700km in my Altras. Suitable on all terrains and extremely comfortable. Went up half a size on my normal low-cut Lone Peak, to gain some extra toe room for hiking on serious downhills." - Bruce, Floor