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Original Lock Laces

Original Lock Laces


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GU Energy Gel 32g Sachet
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Clif Shot Energy Gel 34g Sachet
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Nuun Active 10 Tablet Tube
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Injinji Trail 2.0 Midweight Mini Crew Unisex Toesocks
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Hammer Energy Gel 33g Sachet

Hammer Energy Gel 33g Sachet


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Ems Bar 80g

Ems Bar 80g


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Injinji Trail 2.0 Midweight Mini Crew Womens Toesocks
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Hydrapak 750mL Soft Flask

Hydrapak 750mL Soft Flask


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GU Electrolyte Brew Hydration 12 Tablet Tube
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PURE Energy Gel 35g Sachet

PURE Energy Gel 35g Sachet


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Clif Energy Bar 68g
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GU Energy Chews 54g Sachet
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Date Posted: 15 November 2019

Reviewer Steph has worn her Icebreaker 200 Half Zip Thermal Top through long distance races, international travel and a daily commute and still loving it! Read why this versatile baselayer is a must have for those who pack light.Read more....

Date Posted: 5 October 2019

As an Altra -lover, I was excited to test out their new and improved Lone Peak 4.0s . If you’re not familiar with Altras, they’re known for their durable zero-drop shoes with wide toe boxes. Beyond increased comfort, the wide toe box also promotes a more natural toe splay. Altra’s Lone Peaks are moderately cushioned trail shoes that are equally popular with runners and hikerRead more....

Date Posted: 24 September 2019

Aussie Grit is Australian Formula One racing legend Mark Webber’s foray into high performance gear. I put the Aussie Grit Flint Women’s 3/4 Tights to the test during my training for an ultramarathon in Canberra’s rugged terrain. I was not disappointed. The trail-specific tights are designed to prevent chafing and the performance fabricRead more....

Date Posted: 9 August 2019

Deciding to do something outdoorsy is easy. Choosing what to wear when you go hiking or running has gotten more complicated. There are so many performance fabrics on the market - with pros and cons for each.The difference between the right fabric and the wrong one can be chafing, blisters, B.O. or feeling the heat or cold more than you should. Needless to say, it’s worth investing time into working out which hiking or running fabric will work the hardest for you. Here’s the lowdown Read more....

Date Posted: 8 August 2019

Packing for long treks is quite the task. Carrying too much and not carrying enough both pose huge risks. Finding the packing sweet spot requires a ton of experience. There is so much gear to choose from! The list (of what makes packing challenging) goes on. That’s where we come in. We’ve compiled this packing list for you for multi-day or thru hikes in summer, spring or autumn. We’ll also provide some tips and tricks along the way about what to look for in your hikiRead more....

Date Posted: 3 August 2019

Most runners don’t need an excuse to grab their next set of kicks. But did you know that alternating between pairs of running shoes has a bunch of benefits, including fewer injuries? Yep, a 2015 study confirmed that rotating between running shoes reduces your risk of injury. Different Runs Deserve Different Shoes Having a few pairs of shoes on the go also means you’re more likely to be ready Read more....

Date Posted: 15 December 2018

Three Wildfire staff members were lucky enough to receive sports watches from the brand-new Polar Vantage series. Released November 2018, the Vantage M and its elite older brother the Vantage V have proved to be showstoppers.Read more....

Date Posted: 21 November 2018

With the right care, high-quality outdoor clothing can last for many seasons. In this blog post, we will run you through how to clean and waterproof the most common materials amongst outdoor clothing.Read more....

Date Posted: 19 April 2018

You have a multi-day trekking adventure coming up. Perhaps there’s a big camping/hiking trip planned with all your friends. Or maybe you’re an avid day-hiker that enjoys exploring the trails on the weekend. Whatever the case, you’ve probably already picked out comfortable shoes, a sturdy pack, and the perfect tent. But you’re not yet fully prepared. Headtorches and trekking poles are important hiking accessories that will vastly improve your time on the trails. This guide should helRead more....

Date Posted: 6 March 2018

Nemo Dagger vs Nemo Galaxi vs MSR Hubba Hubba NX Our family took these 3 tents on our recent hiking trip through Budawang Ranges, south-west of Sydney. It was a great opportunity to compare the 3 lightweight hiking tents. The weather was perfect, mist each morning and a drizzle of rain one evening, so the tents weren't subjected to any wind or real rain, and it was summer in NSW, so no cool temps to contend with either. MSRRead more....

Date Posted: 1 March 2018

The great outdoors is a source of challenge and inspiration that few athletes can pass up. There’s an allure to navigating through deep bushland or running along ridges that speaks to the primal instinct in us all. Trail shoes are the most important gear you use when hiking and trail running. The right shoe can help prevent blisters, bruises, rolled ankles and other accidents. You wouldn’t use rollerblades to go for a road run or use a road bike on an unpaved trail; similarly, it’s Read more....

Date Posted: 5 December 2017

A group of our staff recently went outdoor climbing at Brooyar and tested out some of our climbing and camping gear.Read more....

Date Posted: 25 November 2017

Adventure sports and more extreme challenges are becoming ever more popular as weekend warriors move off the bitumen and into the bush. Hiking and trekking, trail running, off-road triathlons and other adventure sports offer people an opportunity to compete not just against opponents, but also against themselves and the elements. It’s a challenge that improves both physical and mental strength, and can often be enjoyed in a team or non-competitive environment such as Obstacle Course Racing.&nRead more....

Date Posted: 1 November 2017

Choosing a sleeping bag can be a confusing and difficult process. If you’re just starting out or looking to camp in a different climate than you’re used to, figuring out the correct sleeping bag to purchase is especially important. This post will help you to figure out which temperature rating, bag shape and loft rating is best for your purposes. Temperature Rating When examining sleeping bag temperature ratings, keep in mind whether you sleep hot or cold. Not everyone sRead more....

Date Posted: 1 August 2017

ANTU are relatively new to the outdoor scene, however the Shanghai-based developers have quickly gained traction with their innovative waterproof technology, not for tents, jackets or shoes, but socks. 100% Waterproof socks. Waterproof socks are a concept that have been thrown around amongst outdoor-enthusiasts for some time now, however no one has had the technology, or the nerve, to undertake the task of constructiRead more....

Date Posted: 10 July 2017

Whether you swim, run, ride, or do any sort of exercise or activity which you track using your smartphone, or any sort of Garmin , Wahoo Fitness , Polar device, the chances are you are familiar with (have been frustrated/confused by) Bluetooth, ANT/ANT+ sensor technology and the concept of ‘pairing’. At Wildfire Sports, we frequently have customers enRead more....

Date Posted: 1 November 2016

As athletes, we know the right shoe can make all the difference. But we also know that finding your perfect match amongst the endless range of brands and models available can be a real challenge. At Wildfire Sports, we stock a variety of footwear to support everyone from the gym to the trails, and our shoe advisor ensures we never sell a pair of shoes unless we know they’re going to do exactly what you want them to. Shoes can be your best investment, but without the proper guidance Read more....

Date Posted: 15 July 2016

Whether you’re training, racing, or recovering, correct nutrition is a crucial component and one which is often overlooked by even the most experienced of athletes. Regardless of how long you are training for or how hard you are training, without replacing the key vitamins and nutrients lost during exercise, you are not only slowing down your progress - but you may be moving backwards. To ensure you are performing at an optimal level when it really counts, we have created Read more....

From orienteering to kayaking, mountain climbing to adventure racing, compasses are an essential feature for any multisport activity requiring precise navigation. Learning how to use a compass effectively can not only raise the bar on your adventure experiences, but could also potentially save your life. Wildfire Sports has compasses to suit all ranges of navigation activities; from the beginner bushwalker to the expert orienteer, for the casual kayaker to tRead more....

Nuun is a leading player in the hydration market. Nuun Active Tablets help to keep you feeling optimally hydrated wherever your lifestyle takes you. They offer a lightweight, easy to use alternative to the hydration powders and diluted sports drinks which are prominent on the market. Nuun was founded by a group of competitive athletes from a variety of sporting backgrounds including cycling, skiing and rock climbing. It can be seen that the prodRead more....

Stay on top of your game for longer with GU Energy gels and supplements! GU provides high-quality, long-lasting energy for athletes of all sports both in training and in competition. The performance enhancing GU Energy Gel is optimised for athletes competing in distance competitions to have GU on the go, meaning there's no need to slow down throughout your events.&nRead more....

The Wahoo TICKR range of heart rate monitors track your exercise in real time, displaying your heart rate and calories burnt on your connected smartphone or GPS watch. Through their dual ANT+ and Bluetooth 4.0 compatibility, the TICKR range connects with a wide range of devices including those with Apple, Android, Garmin and Timex operating systems. These heaRead more....

If you find that the muscles in your feet just can’t relax when you are running, this article may be of use to you. The traditional methods of lacing running shoes involves very tight and secure lacing techniques which do not allow for movement of your feet. This often results in tightening of the foot muscles which begins a chain reaction leading to tightening of the leg muscles. The technique outlined below can result in relaxation of the foot muscles and you should observe aRead more....

Injinji have released an updated line of their cutting edge 5-toe socks. The Injinji series is designed for athletes who expect the best performance for themselves and for their products. The new Injinji Performance 2.0 series has been designed to meet the increasing market demand for highly technical socks. Injinji have fine-tuned the fit of their socks, increased their durability and integrated all new features to specifically benefit certain sports and activities. The new feRead more....

SaltStick Capsules are designed for use throughout exercise to help minimise muscle cramping, heat stress, and fatigue that can occur as a result of unbalanced electrolyte levels. SaltStick Capsules were developed as a study of scientific literature on electrolyte loss in sweat, highly bioavailable ingredients and field testing. They were thus formulated to closely resemble the salt profile and sweat electrolyte composition of athletes which is lost in sweat during physical actRead more....