Wildfire’s New Year’s Resolutions Hack: Achieve Your Goals for 2020

Date Posted: 4 April 2023

New year, new me! It's easy to say, but harder to stick to. Whatever your fitness goals this year, we've got some tips to help you stay motivated, and ditch the excuses.

No doubt you’ve set yourself some lofty goals for 2020. But most of us will give up on our New Year’s resolutions before the 19th of January. 

That’s right. Most of us will quit after less than three weeks. Strava has even labelled this date “Quitter’s Day”.

So, how do you stay on track?

Research suggests that wearing workout gear “can trigger mental changes that positively affect performance”. Ergo, you’re more likely to workout if you just wear your workout clothes.

The trick is having clothes that make you feel sporty and confident. Clothes that look good and fit properly can help you step up your exercise routine and feel good about yourself.

In fact, 9 out of 10 regular gym goers (read: people who managed to stick to their NY resolutions) say that performance apparel helps them push harder at the gym.

Long story short: new workout gear might just be the key to achieving your fitness goals in 2020. 

Unfortunately, buying an entirely new workout wardrobe each time we feel unmotivated isn’t financially viable for most of us. So, we’ve put together this list of workout wardrobe staples that will help you hit those goals in 2020.

  1. Shoes

Nobody wants to exercise in uncomfortable shoes. If yours are getting on in miles or they just don’t feel quite right anymore, it’s time to grab a new pair.

Wearing old shoes with worn out support and grip puts you on the fast track to injury. And getting injured won’t help you achieve your goals.

Bear in mind that workout shoes tend to be designed for a particular sport. So, wearing running shoes to play tennis or hiking shoes to the gym isn’t advisable. Make 2020 the year you start being more mindful about what you’re putting your feet through as you exercise!

We previously published an article with some tips for choosing new shoes for your shoe rotation. Check it out if you want some extra advice.

  1. Windproof/Waterproof Jacket

Having a jacket handy will ensure you can never use bad weather as an excuse again. No excuses means you’ll be more likely to hit your targets for 2020.

Keep weight, size and cost in mind when thinking about which performance jacket you need. If you’re only going to use it occasionally for an hour-long run, you’ll want a lightweight jacket. If you’re an avid hiker, you’ll possibly want to opt for something a little heavier and more robust for long days out in poor weather. 

Whatever your workout, be sure to buy something that suits your current needs and your needs into the future. If you want to stay on track throughout the year, you need to make sure you won’t have excuses now or when winter rolls around.

  1. Performance Top

Many of us just wear any old top for exercise. I’ve certainly been guilty of it! 

While they’re easy to access, they aren’t usually comfortable or practical. Buying yourself a top made from performance fabrics - be it merino wool or a performance synthetic - will set you up for success in 2020. 

Bonus points if you buy something you’re comfortable wearing to the shops too. If you’re able to just get up and put it on, you’ll be more likely to exercise that day. 

Read more about the pros and cons of performance fabrics here.

  1. Headphones

Leave wired headphones in the last decade. Wireless headphones still give you high-quality sound, but mean you don’t need to be tethered to your phone. 

Having your phone out of sight, out of mind and out of reach during your workout will help keep you focused. This focus can translate to better performance and increased enjoyment.

While leaving your phone at home might sound like the obvious solution, there are perks of having your phone with you as you workout. It’s safer for those of us who workout outdoors, plus listening to music while working out has been shown to increase enjoyment and effort.

Bone conduction headphones add an extra element of safety by letting you hear the outside world and your music. Food for thought!

  1. Progress Tracker

Last but certainly not least, you'll need a way to keep track of your progress towards your goals. Make your resolutions specific and measurable! Vague goals like 'get fit' are hard to measure and get started with, so you are more likely to end the year feeling unsatisfied.

Try aiming towards a performance goal like 'complete a half marathon' or 'run once a week', then break it down into smaller goals and celebrate your progress as you complete steps. Using an app, diary or even a star chart can help keep you accountable and provide motivation. 

If you're aiming to improve race times or run longer distances, consider an activity tracker or sports watch, so you can track it right on your wrist! Most activity trackers will also remind you to get up and move after you've been inactive for a while, which is a reminder we all need every now and again.


I’ve just ordered myself some new Altra Escalante shoes. After a lazy festive period, they’re just what I need to get me on my way for my road marathon pacing duties this May and my 100-miler pacing duties later this year. 

Good luck in 2020!