The Wildfire Sports Winter Classics

Date Posted: 30 November 2022

The Wildfire Winter Classics competition is without a doubt the toughest orienteering event on the Australian calendar, which is why we love coming on board to support the event.

As we approach the end of winter, it’s once again time for the annual Wildfire Sports and Trek Ultra Long orienteering competition, which is to be held over the weekend of the 26-27th of August for 2017.

This year’s edition of the event features kicks off on the Saturday with the infamous Ultra Long, followed by the Icebug Galaxy head-to-head sprint event on the Sunday. For the Ultra long, the elites will have to tackle a brutal 19.2km on the extremely hilly and technical granite map ‘The Gib’ - located 50km east of Canberra.

This event is open to all ages, with a variety of distances spread across the Wildfire Ultralong and Icebug Galaxy formats. For more information about the event, don’t hesitate to give us a call or drop past our Brisbane store, and pick up any gear you might need while you’re in.

Many thanks to Orienteering ACT and the Bushflyers for hosting the event, and best of luck to all competitors

- The Wildfire Sports and Trek Team.

Check out the Eventor Australia website for further information.