Putting Aussie Grit’s Flint 3/4 Tights To The Test

Date Posted: 7 March 2019

Aussie Grit is Australian Formula One racing legend Mark Webber’s foray into high performance gear. Reviewer Steph put the Aussie Grit Flint Women’s 3/4 Tights to the test during my training for an ultramarathon in Canberra’s rugged terrain.

I was not disappointed.

The trail-specific tights are designed to prevent chafing and the performance fabric is grippy - so the tights don’t slide around once you’re running. I tested them on some pretty epic hills in Lerderderg and the You Yangs and was impressed that I didn’t need to adjust them at all.


The tights are loaded with features but none of them are superfluous or showy. They have everything you want and need - nothing more nothing less. 

I tend to run warm (read: I get sweaty), so I appreciated the breathability and the mesh vents behind the knees. They’ve got enough reflective detail for me to feel visible at night and the material is supportive and flattering, so I didn’t mind being spotted in them off the trails. 

Finally - pockets! (Yep, plural). The pockets are awesome - my keys didn’t flail around in the secure back pocket and the thigh pocket was handy for snacks on my not-quite-backpack-worthy runs. That pocket is designed for phones by the way and most phones would fit in there, if that’s more important to you than snacks.


I’m heavier around my bottom than I am around my waist. Based on Aussie Grit’s sizing chart, I was a size large for my bottom and a medium around the waist. My online searches didn’t reveal too much information about sizing, so I grabbed the larger size to be sure.

Check out Aussie Grit’s sizing chart for yourself. 

Size chart doesn’t suit your measurements?

I’d get the size smaller. There is heaps of grippy stretch in the fabric and it isn’t quick to go see through so the smaller size would have worked for me. 

That being said, I’ve loved the large anyway. It sometimes takes me a second or two to find the sweet spot where the tights don’t wiggle, but once they’re there - the leggings do. not. move. Which is all I can ask for in my efforts to avoid thigh chafing.

Still not sure about sizing?

Wildfire’s Try2Anything eliminates guesswork and stress about sizing! For $3, you can get multiple sizes (or colours or styles) sent to you with a returns satchel. You try them on and return the item(s) you don’t want within 90 days. 


The quality of the gear is apparent from the get-go. Out of the box, they were a little tighter but they quickly found their shape and they’ve kept it since. It’s obvious that a lot of thought has gone into the features - and that they consulted with runners about what works and what doesn’t. 

The thoughtfully-placed seams are offset to prevent chafing, but I think the most notable evidence of the quality is the fact that the high waistband doesn’t budge. It never once rolled down - not even during my post-run stretching or the yoga class I wore them to.

My verdict:

It’s unsurprising the tights won “Best in Category” in the 2018 Women’s Running Awards. I’ve had no chafing, no annoying sliding, and I love the pockets! I wouldn’t hesitate to buy Aussie Grit again.*


*That’s high praise from someone who once tried on more than 30 pairs of shorts before settling on a pair when I couldn’t find any of my long-trusted Icebreakers.