Performance Refined - The Wahoo ELEMNT BOLT

Author: Tim Lofthouse  Date Posted: 19 May 2017

As I’ve alluded to in my blogs of late – I’m becoming a bit of a Wahoo fan-boy. And needless to say, I wasted no time getting my hands on their newest addition to the ELEMNT family – the BOLT.

Having ridden with their flagship GPS computer, the Wahoo ELEMNT for a touch under a year now, I can confidently say I’ve become rather fond of the unit, and managed to pull a few fellow riders onto the band-wagon as well. For the smartphone wielding, discerning cyclists of today, it is the most ‘modernised’ cycling computer available on the market, as far as functionality goes (My full review of the ELEMNT can be found HERE). But, like every good thing in life, there is room for improvement. And Wahoo Fitness were quick to re-join the party.

While I didn’t consider it an issue, if I had to pick one thing about the ELEMNT which I liked less than the rest of the features, it would be the slightly chunky, heavier nature of the unit. And what do you know, a year later and Wahoo deliver the BOLT, everything I love about the ELEMNT, packaged into a smaller, lighter, sleeker, more aerodynamic unit.

If you’re considering buying this unit, it’s likely you are also looking at Garmin’s Edge range as well, so I’ll make things easy for you. Wahoo ELMNT BOLT is superior to its closest competitors in the Garmin Edge range (520, 820) in terms of:





Garmin only have an edge (excuse pun) over Wahoo in two aspects of their units, being Garmin’s more detailed, colour navigation, and the ability to load pre-recorded interval session layouts onto the device.

Final Verdict

If you’re after a unit which is easy-to-use, yet gives you the ability to meticulously analyse your ride data, is light, aero, aesthetic and all around a good value-for-money buy, I would strongly recommend giving the Wahoo ELEMNT BOLT a try.

If you’re in need any further convincing – come instore and chat to myself or one of our friendly staff!