Nuun Hydration

Maintaining hydration is an important factor to maintaining overall health. Even slight dehydration can negatively affect performance, so remaining hydrated is a simple way to enhance performance.

Nuun is a leading player in the hydration market. Nuun Active Tablets help to keep you feeling optimally hydrated wherever your lifestyle takes you. They offer a lightweight, easy to use alternative to the hydration powders and diluted sports drinks which are prominent on the market. Nuun was founded by a group of competitive athletes from a variety of sporting backgrounds including cycling, skiing and rock climbing. It can be seen that the products have been designed by athletes who understand the hydration needs of other athletes.

Nuun Active Tablets are packed full of electrolytes and do not contain any sugar or carbs making it the perfect sports drink. The electrolytes which are present in Nuun:

  • Burn energy efficiency
  • Help to alleviate cramping
  • Help muscle functioning
  • Help to prevent hyponatremia

Consuming Nuun is an easy way to maintain hydration. Each tube comes with 10 tablets and provides 5L of a light-tasting rehydration drink. (Each tablet should be dissolved in 500mL of water). The lightweight, waterproof, recyclable tube is easy to carry and is designed to be stored in a gym bag, cycling shirt or wherever required for your training session!

Nuun also offers Vitamin Tablets, both uncaffeinated and caffeinated. Vitamin tablets come in tubes of 12 tablets, and supply your body with electrolytes and eleven vitamins for immune function and oxidant support.

For more information on our range of Nuun products, please click on the following link: Wildfire Sports & Trek - Nuun