Newton Running Shoes

Newton Running Shoes have been engineered to inspire you to run stronger and better every time you put the shoes on. The shoes are designed to make your feet feel at one with the ground and the highly responsive cushioning protects your every step.

All Newton models offer the benefits of forefoot cushioning of Newton’s patented Action/Reaction technology. The technology which has gone into creating Newton Running shoes is based upon Sir Isaac Newton’s third law of motion: ‘For each action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.’ With Newton shoes, for every stride you take, you get a boost of forward energy.

Newton Running shoes will promote a change in your running form, with the actuator lugs located under the forefoot encouraging you to land on your midfoot or forefoot instead of your heel. You will begin to notice that you are moving on and off the ground quicker with less harsh impact when running on your midfoot or forefoot.

Because the shoes do promote a change in running form, you will need to break the shoes in to allow your body time to adjust to the new running form. A general guide advised by Newton Running is to do short runs of about 2 to 5 kilometres until you have reached about 40 kilometres in total. Most runners have reported that the shoes begin to feel natural at around the 40 kilometre mark of running. This should have provided you with long enough to adjust to the shoes, and you will be able to begin to enjoy your shoes more and start to run further and faster.

Newton has developed both a Stability and Neutral model in their running shoes.  The Stability model offers protection from mid to late stage pronation which is the tendency for your foot to collapse inwards when striking or leaving the ground.  The neutral model has been designed for normal to high-arched foot types.

For further information on the Newton Running models which Wildfire Sports offers, please click on the following link: Wildfire Sports & Trek - Newton Running