Why buy Newton Running shoes?

Date Posted: 21 August 2023

Wildfire stocks dozens of shoe brands. Why should you consider Newton Running shoes? Danny discusses Newton's unique technology and the main models.


Newton Running is not a well-known running shoe brand in Australia...but it should be! Hailing from Boulder, Colarado (USA), Newton Running creates true performance shoes that provide dynamic shock absorption, energy return, ground feel, minimal heel-to-toe drop, and lightweight comfort.


Newton’s patented active technology delivers unprecedented cushioning and responsiveness to help you run better, faster and healthier.


Sir Isaac Newton’s third law of motion states that For each action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Newton Running’s patented Action/Reaction™ Technology (ART) relies on this law to power the speed of their running shoes, giving you a boost of forward energy with every stride that you take. The active movement of the lugs creates a responsive, trampoline-like cushioning system that provides quicker bounce-back and loses less energy than a traditional foam-core running shoe.

Actuator Lugs

Newton Running shoes promote gait efficiency for people at all levels of the sport, from first-time 5k runners to seasoned marathoners. Special actuator lugs are placed under the forefoot to encourage you to land on your midfoot or forefoot instead of your heel. These strikes will get you moving on and off the ground quicker with less harsh impact compared to heel striking.

Level Platform

Over time, many shoe brands have become thicker, cushier and heavier with massive heel-to-toe drops (height differences). Newton Running shoes feature lower drops to enhance the natural running motion.




The Newton Fate is the perfect introduction to Newton Running. It's Newton's classic neutral running shoe, complete with a gender-specific biomechanical fit and all the proprietary technology that makes Newton so great. If you need stability shoes, the Newton Kismet is the same shoe, but with extensive medial support to help keep you stable as you run.


The Newton Gravity is Newton's acclaimed daily trainer, now with sustainable cushioning that sets a new standard for performance, comfort and support. Turn to the Newton Motion for the same great shoe in a stability model.


The Newton Distance is the perfect lightweight racing shoe for anything from a speed day to a marathon. Grab the Newton Distance S if you need a bit of extra support. If you're super serious, the Newton Distance Elite is a high performance road racing shoe primed to help you blaze down the roads chasing PR after PR.


The Newton BOCO AT is for you! With firm cushioning, a water-resistant upper and grippy lugs, the BOCO will get you venturing beyond the pavement.