Multi-Tools Now Available at WFS

Gerber and Leatherman are brands which are recognised and trusted by consumers worldwide to deliver multi-tools which are portable, durable and practical.

Wildfire Sports has recently introduced a number of multi-tool ranges into our product line. Multi-tools are portable hand devices that combine multiple functions within a single product.

The Gerber Company was established in 1939 after a batch of homemade knives which were sent out as holiday gifts became hugely popular. Gerber expanded its company over the following years to manufacture and distribute a range of multi-tools along with its collection of knives. Gerber multi-tools have since become synonymous with innovative designs that will survive a lifetime of use.

Leatherman produced its first multi-tool in 1983 after one of its founding partners, Tim Leatherman, travelled to Europe and had little more than a standard pocket knife to repair a malfunctioning car and leaky hotel plumbing. The original Leatherman multi-tool, the Pocket Survival Tool, was debuted in 1983 and from this initial multi-tool, upwards of 50 models have been developed and distributed world-wide. Leatherman multi-tools are built around a pair of pliers with additional tools stored in the handles.

For more information on the range of multitools Wildfire offers, please click on the following links: Wildfire Sports – Gerber; Wildfire Sports – Leatherman; Wildfire Sports - Trek and Camp - Multitools.

Note: since this post was written, Wildfire Sports has begun stocking other brands of multitools and utility kits: Light My Fire, Adventure Medical Kits, and the world-renowned Swiss Army Knife maker, Victorinox.