Making New Year's Resolutions Stick

Date Posted: 19 December 2017

Developing new routines and learning new tricks helps maintain a positive mindset and promote healthy living, which is why it’s worth taking note of a few tips and tricks to make sticking to New Year resolutions easier.

2017 has drawn to a close, and as the sweet smell of January optimism fills the air, 2018 will no doubt inspire a host of New Year's resolutions. But if you’re anything like me, come February, the habitual routine of the previous year becomes all too comfortable to slip back into, and said ‘resolutions’ tend to fade into the background of new-year priorities, possibly to attempt to resurface the following January. But developing new routines and learning new tricks helps maintain a positive mindset and promote healthy living, which is why it’s worth taking note of a few tips and tricks which make the process of starting (and more importantly, sticking to) our New Year's resolutions more achievable.

TIP 1: Set short-term, ACHIEVABLE goals

Of course, it’s good to work towards a bigger picture, but obviously it’s unrealistic to expect to be fit to run a UTA 100 in February if you’ve done your first 5km since high school on Boxing Day... If you want to tackle something big, break it up into a series of micro-goals. To stay motivated it’s important that you’re ticking boxes frequently, rather than focusing solely on a result or event which is a long way off. If you want to compete in a UTA 100 in 10 months, plan out a series of shorter trail running events you can race in the months leading up to it.

TIP 2: Put gear on your Christmas list

Nothing gets me outside like a new piece of gear. Whether it’s asking a loved one for a specific gift, or waiting for the post-Christmas clearance sales to nab something yourself, investing in your New Year's resolution is the perfect way to conjure up some commitment.

TIP 3: Buddy up

While you may have a personal goal, you don’t have to travel the journey alone. If I find myself lacking motivation, I’m far more likely to get out and train when I know someone else is relying on me to. NYRBs (New Year's Resolution Buddies) are a great way to keep yourself on track, as the feeling of responsibility and the company of another person working towards a similar goal will push you on in situations where you might otherwise struggle. Alternatively, even just having someone you can talk to about what you’re doing works too, such as joining a Facebook group or online discussion forum, etc.

TIP 4: Ask a professional!

This doesn’t necessarily mean pestering a professional in your field of interest from behind a computer screen (unless you know one personally - then by all means, take advantage of it!), but thanks to the wonders of social media, getting in contact with communities and individuals that specialise in what you’re into is now easier than ever. Listening to advice from ‘seasoned players’ can save you a lot in the way of time and trial-and-error, and smooth out the path to reaching your ultimate goal!

Don’t know where to look for help? Odds are if you’re reading this ... you share similar interests to those of our friendly staff! If you have any questions about gear we stock and the sports and activities they are used for, don’t hesitate to pop in to our Brisbane store and chat to any of our team members about any enquiries you may have. 

Best of luck!