Injinji Performance Series

Date Posted: 16 October 2023

Injinji's patented 5-toe sleeve design has placed the brand as the category leader in performance toesocks.

Injinji have released an updated line of their cutting edge 5-toe socks. The Injinji series is designed for athletes who expect the best performance for themselves and for their products.

The new Injinji Performance 2.0 series has been designed to meet the increasing market demand for highly technical socks. Injinji have fine-tuned the fit of their socks, increased their durability and integrated all new features to specifically benefit certain sports and activities. The new features which have been added work in parallel with the proven and patented 5-toe sleeve design that has placed Injinji as the category leader in performance toesocks.

Injinji Run Series

The Injinji Run series offers restriction free movement and also eliminates skin on skin friction which is the primary cause of blisters. The 5-toe sleeve design and fibre construction assists in keeping the feet dry and protected on any surface no matter how far you run.

Injinji Trail Series

The Injinji Trail toesocks have been engineered to withstand the uneven and unpredictable terrain of trail running. The double elastic cuff is designed to keep dirt out and to hold the socks in place, meaning you will be ready to tackle any tough trail ahead.

Injinji Sport Series

The Injinji Sport series helps you to harness your foot’s natural mechanics which results experiencing a better tactile feel of your environment. The series has been designed to allow you to feel a stronger sense of balance which enables you to reach new levels of performance, no matter what your chosen sport is.

For more information on the products above, please click the following link: Wildfire Sports - Injinji