ANTU Waterproof Socks? Yes, you read correctly.

Date Posted: 1 August 2017

Waterproof socks are a concept that have been thrown around amongst outdoor-enthusiasts for some time now, however no one has had the technology, or the nerve, to undertake the task of constructing such a ridiculously ambitious piece of gear. Until now!

ANTU are relatively new to the outdoor scene, however the Shanghai-based developers have quickly gained traction with their innovative waterproof technology, not for tents, jackets or shoes, but socks. 100% Waterproof socks.  

Ridiculous, as anyone who has put plastic bags inside the shoes or socks in an attempt to “waterproof” them would have discovered, waterproofing compromises breathability, and a host of other essential elements which allow you to wear a sock all day. At least that was up until ANTU came to the party.

How have they done it you ask? The Antu seamless, waterproof technology which makes up their sock is comprised of 3 layers; a durable Nylon outer which maintains the integrity of the COOLMAX and Merino Wool blended waterproof inner-lining membrane, and a moisture wicking inner which helps manage any sweat. The result, is a completely waterproof, windproof and snowproof sock which draws away excess moisture from the foot, while repelling any water from the outside environment.

Available in four styles, including Bamboo. The future of sock technology has landed at Wildfire Sports and Trek, check them out!